It's been a while since i've felt myself so good
They finally released a new greatest hits album
Well, i'm feeling cool and powerful
I remember this one
Young handsome man in headphones
Let's party today, people
Yeah, i can hear you very well
Yeah, i can hear you very well
Enjoying good music
Musical delight
Know that the things are gonna be cool
Young guy listening to music and looking at his phone
Drawing is vision on paper
C'mon guys, let's have some fun
Let's loosen up a little
Listen to music and just disappear in it
Musical delight
This track is just amazing
Feel myself like a king of a dance floor
This day can't be any better
He's all ears
Enjoying newest album
Playing it cool today
Haven't felt myself so cool in a very long time
Absorbed in the music
Definitely in the mood for some fun
Here the list ends
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