A minimalist white living room with books and wicker baskets
A glass of cold water, designed in a simple style and form
A simple interior with a sofa and a bookshelf
A glass of cold water with a slice of grapefruit and some mint leaves on it, with two colorful plastic straws because drinking from both at the same time is double fun
A glass bottle of cold water with a slice of a grapefruit and some mint on top of it, aka the best thing ever on a hot summer day
An minimalistic room with the simple wooden furniture
A table full of summertime snacks and drinks, along with some cute mini-cakes for a birthday celebration on a hot summer day
Simple and elegant detail for interior design
Unfolded grey t-shirt
Little stylish details of your look
Folded greyish pink t-shirt
Unfolded salmon color t-shirt
Silver candle
Folded light grey t-shirt
Basic wardrobe essentials