Young woman woodworking
I'm not saying you should've dusted it more often, but something is looking at me from here right now
You'd better not interrupt me while i'm holding anything even remotely dangerous in my hand
Sorry for not paying attention, i'm a bit wired today
The seller said it is the newest model on market, but i am a bit unsure about this "made in ussr" label
I'm catastrophically unsure of what i am meant to do with that thing
Mom, take a picture of me like i am cool
Young woman preparing to screw drive
Beautiful woman dreaming with hammer in hands
And how am i supposed to tuck it into this ultra thin laptop, harold
Woman standing sideways on stepladder and holding screw driver
If you're so smart then try it yourself
Young woman looking attentively at screw driver
Young woman standing on stepladder with a drill
Woman dreaming with safety helmet in hand