A cheerful young man wearing a white sock on female`s foot
I'll always be right here, because you are so dear
Puppy love
Kiss me, sweety
I'm jealous like othello and crazy like lear
Wish to all as much love as we have
Besides chocolate he is my favorite
She's the best what happened to me in my life
Yes, and what did you say to him?
On the verge of singing
So deeply in love with this boy
It was a joke, to tease you, there is nothing
She understands me like no other girl in the world
The pleasure of spending free time with a loved one
It's a great pleasure sharing views with your loved one
Shall we go jogging again next weekend?
Let's catch this moment, my love
Let's catch this moment, my love
Blind date
Blind date
I'll always be right here, because you are so dear
Happy tears
Happy tears
We are sending you our love
You should quiver in fear, i'm furious
We miss you, we kiss you
Aren't we looking really cool?
I'm so happy you're in my life
I'm terribly fond of her
I can also sing a song or two
If he hits on you once again, just put your middle finger up
She's so good at telling jokes
Secret love
Secret love
Having just a great time with my love
As happy as they used to be many years ago
Guy driving a wheelcahir and disabled girl showing him something on the phone
Let's catch this moment, my love
Enjoying time together while taking a selfie
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