When you realise something shouldn't have happened
Young asian gasping and holding hands behind the head
That moment when the boss is checking something in your computer and you suddenly realise that you forgot to clean your browser history
When you are finally done with your procrastination and suddenly see the amount of work you have to finish due tomorrow
That moment when you suddenly remember that the house keys are still lying on the table, a millisecond after the door shuts
A moment before the catastrophe
When your life sends you a 'fatal error' notification
Oh no, that's so funny, i forgot to go to work again
'oh, how could've this happened?!'
Realising it'd not good at all
Worried young office worker holding folder
Realising that there's still long road to make
Having a lot of summer plans to get realised
Realising that work deadline is today already
Realising that my artistic talent hasn't been washed away