It's good to know that you have someone who covers you back at work
It's good to know that you have someone who covers you back at work
What a day it's going to be!
Well, this info looks quite good
Taking a closer look on work stuff
Oh, that idea seems quite good
Male colleague showing a tablet to his male colleague
Two male colleagues looking at tablet and talking about work
It takes two minds to bring a creative idea
When your colleague came up with great idea
Oh, that's some new kind of information
Here, pay attention to this line here
Are you at least listening to me?
When working together gives excellent result
Well, what's your opinion about that?
So what i'm proposing here is...
Double thinking gives better result
Have any ideas about that?
And what should we do with this?
We should get another's opinion about that
I guess, we need configure this one
What's going on here?
This irresponsibility of yours costed us a contract
You're right, i think it's great
Disagreement between partners happens
Well, i'm not quite good with that
And what's bothering you there?
My vendetta bat is coming for you
Man going to punch his female colleague with folded papers
Maybe we shouldn't...
Working in pair promises better results
Cat and tech experiments in process
Organized and ready to work hard
Sharing creative ideas with the colleague
Discussing work projects
Oh, that idea seems quite good
Attentive to all details
You've done really good piece of work
Little coworkers' discussion about work stuff
Talking about work stuff
Male colleagues sitting at the table and working on tablet
Talking about work issues
Creation involves team efforts
I'm not pretty confident is this right
Well, it's been madness here
No, i'm too tired to redo it right now
We should reconsider it, ok?
Should we be worried about that?
Going crazy about all this work
Interested in colleague's idea
Hmm, you know, it seems not bad at all
Disagreement between partners happens
Guess, we even don't need to change anything
What's going on here?
I'm asking you what's that thing
Well, we need do something about that
How many times do i have to tell you this?
And what's bothering you there?
And that's what you wanna present to the client?
Can you keep up with me?
Can you keep up with me?