Side view of a smiling man in a yellow pullover with his mouth open looking at camera
..and a bit of the bright ones, for the open look-
Three-quarter view of a shocked middle-aged female looking at camera with her mouth open
Nice, collected, positive and ready for the new day
A typical photo of a business forum ad
Tell me i am not the only one who likes to pretend they are in a toothpaste advertisement each time they need to brush their teeth
Three-quarter view of a serious middle-aged female looking aside
An important part of your day
Sometimes the eyes can speak a thousand words
I've only had this green cutie for a day and a half, but if anything happened to it, i would punch everyone in this room with a flower pot and then myself
Quiet, please, back rows
This sentence right here has just changed my whole life
There are some moments in life you have no idea how to deal with
Look around you, isn't it the proof of what you've just heard?
The neighbours won't notice and i have a new friend now
Three-quarter view of a smiling man in a yellow pullover with his mouth open looking aside
A boy going to shake hands with you
A confident boss radiating positive vibes is what the office needs the most on monday morning
Sometimes a simple smile from your boss can be a much better motivation than a half an hour pep talk
To write a positive message you need to feel the positive vibes yourself
Good morning vibes
Side view of a kid boy in casual clothes looking down and opening mouth
It's important to stay hydrated
Please, stop before you say anything else and just listen for a second
Reciting the quran brings peace to my mind
I am just like you and yet i want you to take a moment and listen
Drinking coffee before the college and all of sudden the unexpected idea hits you like a lightning bolt
Be kind and love each other
Man in casual clothes posing in profile
'there isn't enough chamomile tea in the world to quell the rage in my heart'