Handyman is at your service
Trying to find the best solution
Are you sure that you know how to do it?
Handyman is at your service
My ears are going to explode
Could you please calm down and explain me what happened?
I don't know what to do! help me
Earned in blood and sweat
Ok, thank you for your work, bye bye
Doing progress in architecture is hard work to do
Working for the very best result
Creating some new architecture
Making small steps to realizing architecture ideas
When you're not satisfied at all with what your colleague is doing
Discussing new drawings' samples
Oh, i didn't expect it to be ready so fast
Focused on making decisions
Soon i'll be able to say: "i built this house"
When your colleague understands you with no words
Truth is born of arguments
It's so cool, i've never used a jackhammer before
Well, let's start the work day from hard work
I guess, we need to reconsider this
I just him to act differently
Sharing opinions about work with my colleague
Sharing professional opinions on project
Street worker using radio phone and showing to move closer
Managing building process
Getting familiar with new equipment
Street worker using radio phone and holding his one leg on the cone
Knock knock, who's there
Great architecture getting created here
The drain size is really big
Have some rest and take a cup of tea
Don't panic, everything's gonna be alright
I have water all over my house...
Plumber to the rescue!
It's good that you called me before it was too late
When work is both hobby and living
Totally involved in work
Working on some new architect drawings
It's beginning of new fruitful partnership
Architects sitting at the tablet and holding tablet
Discussing work stuff with colleague
A quick break from project creating process
Architecture masterpieces get created this way
Just a quick snack break to restore my energy
Building the cities of the future
We achieved everything we wanted
Productive collaboration
When your colleague fooling around a little
I don't have any idea at all how to use this
Could you tell me exactly what did you mean?
Negotiation process agreed and done, let's start the work
Project is finished and it turned into sucsess
Construction worker using radio phone and showing stop gesture
Kinda don't want to start working
Yeah, i'm not good with technical equipment at all
Stressful time at work
Giving work commands on the building spot