mini dress

A standing woman
Standing comfortably my ground
Standing and waiting
Confident and proud of it
Not interested in you
Posing for a photo
I'm on my way
Walk, walk fashion baby
Gotta go fast
A bit shy or maybe just walking
Warm weather, warm colours
Hot days, short skirts
Still haven't decided what direction i am going in
Such nice legs like mine should be il-leg-al
Walking in a straight line is way harder when you have your new high heels on
I've just started...
I still have enough hands for all these pretty things
I bought the same but cheaper!
I can see my next shopping goal
Never tired of shopping
I love shopping and i can't help it
Yeah, shopping time!
Shopping is my kind of therapy
And let the whole world wait
Young woman holding shopping bags
Let's begin our lesson
I forget everything when i shop
This black friday feels awesome
Really enjoyng my day
Simple but elegant
Walking unsurely
Unsure of where to go
The ministry of silly walks
A pair of beautiful female legs
Flirting a bit
Ready to go
Kinda walking kinda standing
Casually adjusting her shoe
I'm feeling blue today and wanted to emphasize it
Pretty clothes and a confident posture
Walking away from my problems
Oops, seems like i have a problem
When your skirt is too short each step is a challenge
Oh no, i didn't expect it to shrink after a few drops of summer rain!
Well, so what are you saying exactly?
I feel like i've forgotten to buy something
It's time for shopping
So many things on sale!
I wish i had more hands for this!
It's always a good time for shopping
Those shoes are fantastic!
Fruitful shopping experience
Enjoying black friday
Ready for a shopping spree
I've just got my salary
Gonna spend it all
Gonna spend it all