lost in thoughts

Feeling a little bit lost in thoughts
I am an introvert, being lost in thoughts is my default setting
A silent serene moment for yourself
A silent serene moment for yourself
And what for was all this fuss?
Need some time to think about it all
After all that sounds not bad at all
Need to invest money wisely this time
Well, today i'm feeling no mood
Head in the clouds
Before making a decision you have to think a lot of things
Thinking and rethinking all possible options
Young attractive teacher sitting at the table with open arms
When you've got pensive in the morning
The best bouquets are the ones you can eat afterwards
I could've spent this time on something useful like sleeping or crying or maybe even both
Ah, my first book of spells.. sweet memories
You know what, i kinda like the idea
Few more seconds and i die like this and they'll have to discover my body clutching two blue dumbbells, with abba blasting in my earpods
Education is my passion
Young attractive teacher pointing with a marker and bitting his glasses
Pretending to hold something but when you zoom in there's nothing, as a metaphor for my life
Me, pretending to consider buying an expensive item i grabbed by mistake, knowing full well i can't afford even a box it comes in
When your life crumbles before your eyes and you have no power to stop it
The word "lonely" has "one" in it and i'm pretty sure there must be some philosophy behind it
What do i have to study to become a cloud
I need some time out to think it over
Soon-to-wither flowers for a fading memory of summer
There is no music in my earphones, they are just the illusion of normality, i'm dancing to my own tune you are not allowed to hear
A sudden urge to rethink my whole life
Sometimes a single autumn bouquet is just enough to bring back all the sweet memories from past
When you get lost in thoughts and unintentionally start looking like a part of renaissance painting
This idea seems not bad at all
Just leave me for a minute, please
Well-well, this requires some time to think it over
Well-well, this requires some time to think it over
Got a little bit sad, you know
Pensive young afrowoman holding laptop and bank card
Pensive young afrowoman holding laptop and bank card
Young handsome teacher sitting at the table with different 'study' items on it
Thinking about what to do after homework
Pretending to think over something serious thing so no one would dare to bother you and other ways to sabotage the work of the whole department
Young attractive woman holding sunglasses
Pensive young teacher sitting at the table
Saw some stuff that draged attention
If only someone knew how much i don't wanna do this
Thinking about my life
I feel like birds are watching me
Bittersweet memories
Reading between the lines? too easy! reading without the lines is what i'm into nowadays
A young black man in a red shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark red pants standing alone on the white background
If there was a world record for the lack of enthusiasm i'd not even take the first place, i'd be in jury
Distracting thoughts
As an introvert i need some quiet moments with myself from time to time
Am i being too dramatic? probably. am i ever going to stop? definitely not
If i wanna sleep i will and you won't be able to stop me
Minimalism is just a style unless it comes from your heart
Disappointed but not surprised
After shower thoughts
Becoming closer to the nature
Sometimes going eco and living a simple minimalist life is just enough to make you happy