looking aside

#black hair
Being so comfortable with myself
Feeling so contented with shopping result
Looking good and feeling just great
Maybe, i still need to buy few more things?
Isn't a time to get training done?
Showing around appartment to this newcomer
Female asian hiker holding map and looking aside
Man in red underwear and grey jacket looking aside
Young female asian hiker standing with backpack and looking aside
Good looking young man in black
Great and healthy body isn't about measurements
Young asian student thinking while reading a book
Is there something distracting me from sport routine?
Oh, i saw something there
Nothing can bring my mood down
It's not easy to find 'me' in 'money' unless you try really hard or unless you change the order of things and these are the words i live by
When they go for a handshake i give them my hand for a kiss so they would know since the first moment what kind of person i am
Tired of being rich
Look what i've got! the earth-helping bottle!
Sometimes a certain tune will make you stop in your tracks to get caught in the whirl of sudden memories
Distracting thoughts
Honestly, i don't even care about results, i just like the process
I spent a night designing this and i'll bite your fingers off if you touch it
Oh no, my hand slipped
I am an introvert, being lost in thoughts is my default setting
Take a bite, don't worry, it's not poisoned yet
Sudden nice thoughts
Don't you see i'm busy with snapping this wire
Defending one's fleet in xxist century is just as hard as doing so in the xixth one
You'd better not interrupt me while i'm holding anything even remotely dangerous in my hand
Being so comfortable with myself
Young indian woman in sportswear holding hand weights and looking aside
Mature man listening to music and looking aside
Young woman and man with huge backpacks holding hands and looking back
Great mood on and let's start this day with sport
Well, i've exaggerated a little bit this time too
Man in red underwear and grey jacket looking aside
Man talking on the phone and looking aside suspiciously
Young indian woman in sportswear holding hand weights and looking aside
Heard some news and kinda like it
I left my glasses at home so i have no idea whether it's a kitten or a plastic bag in the wind, but in any case it looks cute so who cares, right?
Wait, what happened?
When the surprise is actually unexpectedly nice and you forget how to speak for a few seconds
Young asian student in a sweater reading a book
This cake, please
I disagree with everything you've just said and here is why-
There's nothing money wouldn't fix
Oh, this idea is actually pretty good!
Go green, save the earth!
When it's an unskippable cutscene time
What do people do in their leisure time
A girl with scales
Fashion is my passion
I sent you my kiss, answer me
Party snacks?
Looking at my crush when they don't see me
Me, appearing at the friend's house when they least expect it
Give me back my laptop screen
And how am i supposed to tuck it into this ultra thin laptop, harold
Sorry for not paying attention, i'm a bit wired today