kid with construction set

I can build whatever i can imagine
Isn't it just gorgeous?
I can't get any cuter
Whatever i've made i like it
Future builder practicing his skills
Now i shall put together these two parts...
It works!
Сome on, play with me
Two charmers
Safe and happy in her mother's arms
No hurting, just carefully combing the hair strand by strand
When your mom says open your mouth
Learning new things with mom
Happy family time
Playing with mom is my favorite thing
Look what i made, mom
I want to be like my mom in everything
Super excited about new technologies
Thinking about whether should we buy it or not
You are my candy girl
Now you look like a nicely combed little princess
Little princess is waiting for her mom
Take care of your teeth to save it for sweets
And do you know how to brush your teeth properly?
How is that called?
How beautiful, dear!
Mommy, is that you?
Playing and learning at the same time
Playing and learning at the same time
Future builder practicing his skills
It's my personal favorite game
It's a flying machine of my own design
A bit tired but still doesn't give up
Whatever he's building he's having great fun
Let's fix these two parts together
It's a flying machine of my own design
I'm just teasing you, guys
Here is a bunny with ears so funny
Young mom holding and hugging her little daughter
Mommy, i wanna ponytails like yours
I'm two, i am a big girl now...
Let's choose this one!
Young mother and a little daughter
Look what i have here!
Your drawing is wonderful
Having fun with mommy
We love new technologies!
My precious little girl
We start with combing each strand...
Waiting for mommy to style my hair
Who has a birthday today?
Lovely mother-daughter time
That's my favorite color!
Let's see what we can do with it
Young mother and little daugher playing
Who is that, dear?