holding alarm clock

Feeling enermous lack of sleep
Shocked young afroman holding alarm clock
Checking is it time to rise and shine
Wish i could go back to bed right now
Self care is not letting the alarm clock dictate you when you should wake up
I was pretty happy with my early awakening until i realised it was pm time
It's our couple time together
I have a meeting in twenty minutes
Oh my god it's six thirty
If i can't see it it doesn't exist
Taking important decisions
Enjoying company of ourselves
An early bird is fully ready to start a brand new day!
Alarm clock rhymes with sleepwalk for a reason
And i'm feeling good
Watching how time flow by
Counting time till the very minute
Paying attention to all that time
Feeling a little bit tired already
Could this day be even more boring?
Working hard got me sleepy and exhausted
Feeling exhausted after work
Shocked young afroman holding alarm clock
Is it time to wake up already?
Alarm in the morning driving me nuts
Wish i could go back to bed right now
What do you mean i forgot to wind it up
This is unbearable, i am a night owl and i demand my official right to get up past 10 to be respected
Having nice time together
I'm awake for three minutes and am already late everywhere
Can't believe it's legal to wake up this early
Enjoying company of ourselves
Seems like we're running out of time
Seems like we're running out of time
Never been that jealous of sleeping beauty
Bracing myslef for the start of a new day
I am upset, this alarm clock makes me upset
I have a wonderful day ahead
Being extremely careful with time
I should've gone to bed at 11pm like i was going to, not at 3am like i actually did
Paying attention how the time flows by
Distracted from the outside world
I've only had two hours of sleep this night and i've never been so close to a murder
Pushing work efforts to the limits
Deadlines' time is tough