Um, i mean who would have chosen some plain boring vegetable over a beautiful chocolate doughnut?
I think i'll just have both
My body was made for me to live in, not for your aesthetic pleasure
In this house we only eat what we wanna eat
I don't need numbers to know that i look fantastic
This is not what i need right now
Hey, i just bought myself a doughnut, no need to make such a fuss about it
I am not gonna change for the sake of your made-up beauty standards
No thank you, i prefer things that contain something else than sugar-coated sugary sugar stuffed with sugar crystals
In a second away from a bliss
Say no to unhealthy eating behaviour
The taste of happiness
Life is too short not to eat your favorite doughnuts when you want it
No thank you, i have better plans for this weekend
Doughnut even tempt me with your 27 g of sugar, baby