good mood

Happy to work together
Oh i haven't heard this joke before
Thank you for coffee!
Together they can make all business dreams come true
Sharing good mood with coworkers
Happy to work together
Happy to work together
Humour is a key to success at work
Productive collaboration
It's amazing to work with you!
Sharing good mood with coworkers
I look fine
Yeah, this movie is just amazing
Autumn evenings are just made for movies and coffee
Movie of today's evening is just hilarious
Probably, we've chosen not the most romantic movie but it's so deep
Getting through all these messages
It's always good time for a selfie
Smile honey, it's gonna be just a perfect selfie
The story wouldn't sound so interesting if they knew i know the truth
Turn the music on, let's have some fun!
It's perfect time to make some selfies
Charismatic and confident
Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one's listening, dance and sing when no one's actually watching and listening 'cause it's too much for one person to handle
Honey, don't forget to buy bread /smiling face emoji /smiling face emoji /send
I love it when we talk about me
When you genuinely love and care about the person and can listen to them talk forever, even if it's an hour-long speech about their day
When you're at work and trying to play it cool but the text is just so damn cute
Let me see what i can do for you
Let me check your order
It's amazing to work with you!
She never misses deadlines
It's amazing to work with you!
Humour is a key to success at work
Two young coworkers in a casual office
Productive collaboration
Humour is a key to success at work
Sharing good mood with coworkers
Humour is a key to success at work
Have you seen that photo?
Movie night with my love
Selfie time
It's such an interesting and funny story
When movie gives you some food for thoughts
Oh, it's such a sad story
Well, who could've thought about this coming?!
Two girlfriends watching movie on tablet and wiping tears
Feeling especially cute today
A good rhythm will never leave you indifferent
I just can't watch it without tears
Are we human or are we dancer
I just can't hold my tears while watching this
Come on, let's dance together
When the conversation is going well and you are thinking about a thing to say to make it even more wholesome
Guessing about should i call him or not?
Such a nice day
She's in a good mood today
Sharing ideas with colleagues
Welcome to our presentation
Busy with all these work stuff