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Surfing in the internet together with mr cat
None of us didn't expect this
Young woman sitting in front of laptop and petting a cat
Day starts with mr cat by my side
Good taste in music runs in the family
Let's listen to eminem, mother
What are you listening to, mommy? you didn't even plug your headphones in
Kids' songs can actually be pretty good!
Hi mum, can you hear me?
Working process is much better with cat
Young woman holding cat in front of laptop
Working process is much better with cat
She can't read yet, but she already can play games on my phone, isn't it mind-blowing
A bit of self love always cheers me up during the daily routine
Our mother-daughter connection is very strong
She is more interested in sounds her phone makes when she hitting the table with it then what it can do and i appreciate it dearly
We are so alike, she even likes the same music as i do!
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