fashionable guy

Gonna look fashionable at work today
Young man in denim suit sitting on the chair
I've got something nice for you
It's denim revolution, baby
How about some photo making?
Totally involved in thoughts
Wondering what's hiding there
Simple cloth decisions always win
Looking really elegant today
Getting to know in details some boring stuff
Thinking about some more shopping time
Thinking about some more shopping time
Figuring out some physical things
Photoshooting going just great
Handsome cunning man turning from back
I'm too rock'n'roll for all this fuss
Flower head is quite a fashion decision
These are your favorite, right?
Hmm, it seems alright to you?
Seems like having quite a serious conversation
Looking quite fashionable, huh?
Totally rocking this denim look
Coffee wakes me up and makes me ready to go
Understanding modern fashion preferences
Well, it doesn't sound very good
Arguing over the telephone would be like
Don't you forget about our agreement, ok?
Don't tell me we have some problems here
Friend is really good at joking
It's so great to hear from old friends again
Elegance and semplicity are always a good idea
Photosession is coming
Wearing this suit as a pro
Wearing this suit as a pro
Photos gonna be great
Got a present for my love
It's something great about making photo with this
Looking really fancy with this bag
Rocking this outfit
Outfit suits my mood
Got some shopping made
How about espresso?
These photos are impressing
What a busy days i'm having lately
I'm too rock'n'roll for all this fuss
Flower delivery to my special one
Have to try some things in practice
I'm not so easy to go, you know
Coffee is needed as never
Exchanging messages with old pals is always a pleasure
Coffee is my first thought in the morning
Making a couple photo with my love
Well, and what do you want me to do?
Getting into modern humans being fashion's taste
Listening to all these long talks
Talking about life time buddies
I'm feeling a little bit confused
Discussing all these things that i really don't wanna to
Talking about all these work things
Enjoying the conversation with olf friend