engagement ring

My dream ring
Dreaming about future life together
Such a beautiful gemstone
Think twice before making an important decision
Did it really happen?
Popping the big question
Marriage proposal
Will he say "yes"?
Will she say "yes"...?
Bride sitting next to bridesmaids and showing ring on the hand
One of those moments that you remember all your life
They both know the answer
Would you marry me?
She's just woman of my dreams
We're meant to be together
She's woman i've been dreaming all my life
Love of my life said yes
From now and till forever we're the family
Will you be my wife?
Marriage proposal
Weighing up the pros and cons
What do i have to say?
Yes or no?
Changing roles
Marriage proposal
She asked, and i said "yes"
Popping the big question
Can't wait for her to become a mrs soon
Will you be my wife?
The greatest surprise in my life
Popping the big question
So lucky to call this woman my fiancee from now on
One of the happiest moments of our lives
This woman making me the happiest man ever
Making a proposal to the love of my love
Couldn't be any happier of this moment
One of the best moments of our lives
Symbol of love and commitment
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