Let's create something new
Part of decor and accessories
What a great choice of accessories
Close-up a young model under red lights
Close-up a young model under red lights
Fashion woman essentials
Fashion woman essentials
Beautiful girl holding miniature pig
Beautiful girl holding miniature pig
Young black short-haired woman in a checkered top and a skirt, posing against a plain peachy background
Oh my my my
Feeling cute and flirty
You won't find anything like me
Mixed feelings, ambiguous desires
Those earrings look beautiful on you
Took off my pink glasses but keep seeing the world as a pretty nice place
Whitney houston is my role model
Dance with me, sing with me
Truly enjoying what you do is an important step to self-harmony
Not sure what i want but i want it now
I left my glasses at home so i have no idea whether it's a kitten or a plastic bag in the wind, but in any case it looks cute so who cares, right?
I took my sunglasses with me 'cause baby your smile is bright like a sun
Hope you'll notice me checking you out soon, i ain't gonna keep that pose forever
You've got me interested, boy, keep going
This cake, please
I'd say i'm too cool for this world but this would be a lie as i am clearly too hot for it, you know
Kinda listening to you, kinda daydreaming at the same time
It's so hard not to give in
Here, take an ice cream. did i ask you whether you want it? right. now take it
It's not easy to find 'me' in 'money' unless you try really hard or unless you change the order of things and these are the words i live by
There's nothing money wouldn't fix
Well-deserved and long expected!
Fancy little stuff
Pretty little accessories we have here
I put my makeup on right after i get out of the shower so i could spend the rest of my morning routine feeling aesthetically pleased
Close-up straight portrait of young female model in blue light
Close-up straight portrait of young female model in blue light
Fashion woman essentials
Charming smile is her weapon
Looking at my crush when they don't see me
A few smiles a day keep the doctors away
Hey baby, why so sad?
Mood for today: being disarmingly cute
Tender touches and soft feelings
Sometimes you want to touch, sometimes you want to be touched, and sometimes you want both at the same time
One last detail and i am ready to shine ✨
Mood for today: a girl from the 80's band backing-vocal
Let my song make you as happy as i am
And iii-e-iii will always love youuu
Oh hi beauty! i literally had to cover my little heart with my hands 'cause a single glance from you can shatter it into pieces
Oh, this idea is actually pretty good!
Strong, beautiful and confident
When they go for a handshake i give them my hand for a kiss so they would know since the first moment what kind of person i am
I bet you can hear my voice shattering the glass all around you just by looking at this photo
I'm not gonna touch it unless you touch it first
Hey boy, let's not talk too much grab on my waist and let's have a dance of our lives
When the surprise is actually unexpectedly nice and you forget how to speak for a few seconds
I disagree with everything you've just said and here is why-
Take a picture of me like i am one of those happy summer girls
Slow dancing with myself 'cause i deserve it
Oh no, my hand slipped
You say money can't buy you happiness, i say give them to me and i'll prove you wrong in a day!
Feeling your hard work being paid off is the best feeling i have ever had