An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt
An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt
Proud of myself
I am the next elon musk
Cold, collected and concentrated
One done, now onto the next one
The starship is ready, captain
Okay, i surrender. the color chaos has won
The miniature: me and my life
When it's an unskippable cutscene time
A hard mode? oh no, this is just my warm-up!
Young man adjusting camera
Wondering how to get all settings right done
Really interested how does this thing work
Gonna try my photo artist skills
How interesting..a cooling fan
Look at this little guy! it's a captain of my ship
Using old fashioned metods to get the best shots
Your local computer master. call me
I haven't messed up, this is just an abstract method of creation
Photography is about to know to catch a perfect shot
Set and ready for the photo shot
I have little knowledge of how starships fly, so let's say it's gonna be like this
You thought i'd solve it? haa i just mixed it up even more
Gonna take a closer look on photos
Trying to understand the camera settings
Photo making process got me pensive
Figuring out this camera settings
Photos look quite good
An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt
Lol we're matching
An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt
Welp, i guess it won
Look what i've done
Challenge accepted, you colorful ***
I'm kinda unsure of what i've created
This is a creation of an evil genius
And now a backwards driving mode
Okay, but where does this part go
Is it me or does it look a bit like titanic
Me at work
Oh, that's really surprising
Name me a better way to distract yourself from the daily routine
If you are gamer you know the feeling
Settings thing is important too
Just you wait till my starship fleet is ready, then it's over for you
Trying to catch a good shot
Look, i've recolored it with a marker to make it look solved. creative thinking, huh?
Caught in thoughts
When you skipped the tutorial and now struggling to understand what's going on
Photography is about to know to catch a perfect shot
I spent a night designing this and i'll bite your fingers off if you touch it
Smile, i'm gonna take a picture
Focused at ttaking the best shot
Taking a close look on the photo object
Quit staring martin i see you
Retro style shots are my favorite
Concerned with camera settings
Adjusting camera lens