caucasian ethnicity

Oh wait! this is my favorite song!
Remember - it is better to hang up after 5 beeps
A picture of a woman holding a bottle of water
Ready for public speaking
I'm not looking at you
A man playing the accordion for his girlfriend
Rehearsing his speech
Don't even try to break his concentration
Cheerful coworkers taking selfie
Proud of himself
Cheerful coworkers taking selfie
Dude, we need to urgently show it to the others!
Girl making selfie in front of her dad's gift
I need to call him now
I need to call him now
Happy couple using a tablet in the living room
Man walking on the beach
Facing the new day
Smart and confident
First day at new job
Boost your confidence
I need to focus
Don't forget to enjoy life every day
I need some time alone
Celebrating his success
Important call