brushing his hair

Having a bit of self care is always nice, but no niceness can make up to an early monday morning, let's be honest
Do i look like an elf? i think i look like an elf. i only lack pointed ears, but it's easy to fix.
You think i'm looking at my reflection in the mirror but in reality i'm watching a suspicious person in the window behind me
Perfectly measured strokes of the hairbrush for a perfectly done hairdo
Good brushing morning!
Good brushing morning!
Ok-kay, it should be alright if i just slowly pull it back-
I've got something nice for you
Flower delivery to my special one
Flower head is quite a fashion decision
Choosing look of the day
Having some great fun time
Got busy with favorite hobby
This talk got me seriously
I think, i have an idea
Who would've thought that photos would look so much better without me in them
Who would've thought that photos would look so much better without me in them
Involved in reading things
How about espresso?
Coffee is needed as never
Photoshooting going just great
Photos gonna be great
It's denim revolution, baby
Trying to get some best shots done
Enjoying my cup of coffee
Focused on the creation of something new
On the way to create something nice and beautiful
Creating process requires a lot of time to think
My lifestyle is neat and minimalistic and suits my preferences perfectly
Should i do a ponytail or just go with what i have?
Ugh, seems like the hair got tangled again
It got stuck and won't let go, this hairbrush is a part of me now
Makeup gives me confidence and doing my hair helps me to relax and just feel the moment
Wearing this suit as a pro
Coffee wakes me up and makes me ready to go
Photosession is coming
Choosing look of the day
Clothes thing isn't easy at all
Young man holding a bouquet of dried flowers
This new smartphone is just great
Creating a masterpiece
What a nice smell it has
What a nice smell it has
Alone in a big city
Alone in a big city
This awkward moment when you've met parents of your ex-girlfriend
A man walks on a road
Got a present for my love
Wondering what's hiding there
These photos are impressing
It's something great about making photo with this
Wearing this suit as a pro
Totally rocking this denim look
Young man in denim suit sitting on the chair
Cabbage dinner option isn't exactly my thing
Doubting should i open present or not
Working on some piece of art
Robots: slaves or friends?
Robots: slaves or friends?