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Guess, for whom it was a pay day today?
All your fears exist only in your mind
Confident in his abilities
Happy to be a part of the future
Ready for a date
Working for a great result
Last beauty preparations before facing the day
Contented with how work proceeds
Ready to get some work done?
Getting thoughts together for work day
Young guy making a shaka gesture
Contented with how work proceeds
He knows how to make a perfect haircut
Letting his mind drift to happy places
Self-confident young man
When all your hard work pays off
Whatever happens, i'm ready to face it
I forgot to take my lunchbox today
Letter writing got me like this
Young man holding a vintage camera
I love my life
Yes, i've just completed my to-do list!
Ok, let's begin
Well, how do you like my look?
Working on digital architect samples
I'm ready to pose for family christmas picture
Controlling building process
Yeah, hip hop requires a lot of sportive potential
Seems like tv isn't interesting
A beautiful muslim woman looking at camera
Here the list ends
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