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Just knowing that we're together makes us happy
Got some sweet treat for the evening
What a nice evening time we're having
I've got you this, it's your favourite
Got some sweets for you, love
I made some sweets to cheer you up a little
Having a pretty pumpkin year, huh?
Those sweet moments of first dates
Love has a physical shape and a name
Thank you, my love, it's so nice of yours
Such beauty needs to be recognized, at least with the booquet
Trying to approach this beautiful woman
Honey, it's just a little souvenir
This beauty needs to be recognized
Toast with red wine to this red carnival night!
Enjoying the evening just for ourselves
Got a chance to visit carnival night
Love sparkles like for the first time
It's never enough time with my love
Really, it couldn't be any better
You shouldn't have bought me anything,honey
Giving my love kiss on the cheek
Got my love by my side and everything is just great
These two birds seem deeply in love
We're gonna it this later, honey
Well, aren't you on a diet, huh?
Some special sweet treat
I like doing these little things for you, honey
It's so nice of you, sweetheart
Huge pumpkins harvest, let's celebrate
There's gonna be a lot of decorations
Feeling like in the seventh heaven with him
With him every day seems like a fairytale
I just wanted see you smile
Such nice gesture of yours
How to approach this lovely girl?
It's such nice of yours to bring this
Cheers for the great night out!
Treated myself and my love with some night out
Socializing and having just a fancy night out
High society kinda evening
Gonna have the best time with my love
Finally got a chance to meet my sweetheart
Thanks for bringing me also the present
He still brings me nice presents
Getting some talks done with my man
Haven't seen my cutie pie in a while