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Yes, you did it!
The score is one-one
absolutely splendid!
Looking for the best answer
Oh my, that's a genius idea!
Handling tough questions
Yes, guys, you've done a great job!
Yeah, you've got the point there
What you got there, you naughty boy?
Come up to the blackboard and write the correct answer
Teaching children to read with expression can be a challenge
We shall learn to read with expression
No more robot reading
Let's start taking effective notes
And now you have to imagine the following...
I've got a good example for you, guys
Let me check the information...
Natural born teacher
Very clear explanation
Beautiful, confident and sexy
In the middle of the teaching process
Look, let's make this simple
So, guys, the conception is such...
Brainstorming brilliant ideas
Am i getting through to you, guys?