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Gosh, this is a trap
It seems like i've locked here
Don't get scared, i'm terrified myself
Don't move, i gonna grab you
Hi there, are you seeing me too?
Not sure i'm doing this task right
Grab the rope and hold it tight
It's so nice and so sweet, and i'm excited
Blimey that's huge!
I know it's not real but still i'm scared
Gaming on the next level
Alpha, alpha... radio check
Surrender or i'll shoot
It looks so real...
Focused on the game
Finally i did it!
And now turn right...
It's a tense moment
Just have to keep moving
How can i get past this creature?..
I gonna win
And now turn left...
And now turn left...
Whatever i've made i like it
It's a flying machine of my own design
It's a flying machine of my own design
Whatever he's building he's having great fun
Let's fix these two parts together
I can build whatever i can imagine
Future builder practicing his skills