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It's outraged, don't you think?
Friend tells you about her latest crush
So far there's nothing i can do, so...
Woman making enough gesture
There's nothing i can do, it's just my mood today
Now we're on a roll
Fuck you, i'm not in the mood
Thumbs up for all the party fun and enjoyment
Young woman making stop gesture
Let's make this photo quickly
Thumbs up for the weekend
I'm already stressed here, you wanna make the situation even better?
Yeah, i'm listening, sort of
Young girl with unsatisfied facial expression holding her hand next to her chin
Chill out, boy, today is not your day
Oh, you're not joking with me, right?
This song gives me wings and desire to fly
Let's loosen up today a little
Front view of a surprised young lady in beige pullover touching her face
Honestly, hun, i've stopped following you like five minutes ago
Oh, say again, i was just so immersed in music
When you kinda mad and displeased at the same time
Trying to find matching tonal foundation
Today pink is my mood
I never approved of those things
Couldn't feel better than right now
Definitely not in the mood today
Talking about behaviour to the kids
Fixing uneven skin tone
Indian woman in orange top holding lip balm and sending air kiss
It's outraged, don't you think?
Or should i go for darker colors?
When you trying to reach out to a friend when you're stuck in the coffee order line
Whaat? don't talk to me like that
Yeap, there's nothing to do
Wondering when your partner will stop talking
Hmm, i wonder how the things are going
Bunny is in need of love and hugs
And what if we change plan a little?
Let it be then, we've got nothing to lose
Activities through day make you lose power
When you kinda mad and displeased at the same time
Yeap, we're pretty cool and young tonight
Boy, you better don't mess with me, you know
So what do we do?
Wait a minute, are you sure about what you're saying?
Indian woman in orange top holding lip balm and sending air kiss
Yeap, everything is gonna be just good
Struggling with applying a mascara
It sucks, you know
The melody is so nice, seems like i'm just drowning in it
Wow, i didn't see that coming
Glad to know you
Making expressive eyes
Kiss for a great day ahead of us
When your friend keeps talking to you and you keep getting distracted
Thank you, next
Business meeting
Let's rock this place, babes!
Today pink is my mood