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Spitz dog has its taste too
I like spending time with my doggy
Look at this lovely cutie dog
See, we're having just a great time
Having just great time with doggy friend
I'm rocking this outfit, no?
Definitely 'feeling' this outfit
Kid girl putting her sunglasses off
Yeap, i'm rocking this outfit
No one can beat my style
Doggy is thrilled about beauty routine time
Kid girl giving some treat to a dog
Seems like dog likes it
Here you go, you're gonna look better
You're gonna look even more beautiful
Making a photo with my friend
Here you go, sweetheart
Look what delicious treat i got you
I love you so much, my doggy friend
Have a treat, doggy
Kid girl opening some dog treat for spitz
Girl and her little friend enjoying company
Dog isn't just my pet, it's my friend
Kid girl holding spitz dog
Spending time with my doggy friend
Hey, take this, think you're gonna like it