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Well, seems like things are being great, huh?
Yuck, this toothpaste tastes weird
Oh, i've bought the wrong paste
All my dreams are narrowing to some sleep
Lost in the world of thoughts a little
Wraped in towel barechested young man standing back t the camera
When all the arguments are still useless
Covering bags under my eyes
When you've got pensive in the morning
Got a work to do, huh?
Gotta look great today
Don't say me i've lost some hair
Feeling happy about this day
Going to do my morning routine now
When energy and power just feel overwhelming
Smiling 'cause this day promises to be great
Don't worry, have a great day, my friend
Don't worry, have a great day, my friend
Feeling hopeful about this day
When you've got really some great news in the morning
It's hard to close up to the age of wrinkles
Thinking about taking a shower
I just want a cold shower after practice
Something draged his attention
Turned from reality and involved in some dreaming
It's a nice weather to go outside
Taking care of the face skin is essential
Suddenly got pensive in the morning
First thing to do in the morning
Hygiene is an important part, you know
Adore time for myself in the mornings
Involved in some morning thoughts
If only someone knew how much i don't wanna do this
Saw some stuff that draged attention
Catching some time for myself in the morning
Feeling sure and ready for the day
Feels so good to wake up late
Wow, from what to start this morning, huh?
Oh, this joke made my day
Oh, this monday mornings
Oh, this joke made my day
Think, you're gonna catch me?
Handsome young man covered in a towel
Young man standing back
Work? no, i better escape from it
Feeling excited about this spa treatment
Dreaming about some bath time for myself
When you have an important meeting and you face is a mess
Age when you got to be looking for grey hair
Enjoying post shower effect
Stuck in his thoughts
Trying my best acting skills
Trying to catch these precious moments of sleep
Seems like things are going as we expected
Being optimistic about what's coming
It's just the morning and it's great already