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Hen party with my closest girlfriends
Summer feels just good
Having girly time at hen party with my girls
Summer is my only occupation
Taking this vacation time seriously
Young woman lying on the grass and reading a magazine
Even working still can enjoy summer
Treating myself with such a sweet life
Treating myself with relax
Enjoying night just for two of us while we can
Even working still can enjoy summer
Summer got me talky and tanned
Time just for myself
Well, i've deserved this vacation
This is what i mean when i say 'summer'
Their sense of humour is just on top
Wow, slow down a little, future wife
Thoughts turned off and just enjoying summer
Catching precious summer sun rays
Enjoying summer time
Getting in touch with nature
What could be better than karaoke at hen parties, huh?
Getting proper tan this summer
Relaxing and just turning my minds off
Celebrating closer marriage of our best friend
Enjoying summer time to the fullest
Yeah, living this way is so cool
Guess, they're not interested in talking
Thinking about all these fashion news
Seems like partying hard phase has just started
Oh, this summer time got me exhausted
I've never seen anyone who looks good in such a dress
I've never seen anyone who looks good in such a dress
Those wonderful moments of friends' talking
Summer vacation means total relax
Catching moments of sweet relax
Catching this moment of summer time
Getting inspired by this beautiful time
Getting some fresh info
Vacation is about positive vibes
Glasses up for this beautiful event in your life
Having just a great time
Remembering summer moments
Enjoying this sun to the fullest
Taking it easy
This is my kind of relaxing
Absorbing these sun rays
It's so much fun when we're meeting with my girls
What a nice summer it is
Yeah, it's both very sad and great feeling
Enjoying time with my girls
Celebrating this great event in company of my ladies
Yeah, 'cause we have so little time to surf in internet these days
Summer vacation is all about enjoyment
Can't wait for her to become a mrs soon
Well, it's how we're communicating these days
This is what i call a relax
Covering face from the sun rays
Three girlfriends clinking glasses of champagne
Coffee after shopping
Coffee after shopping
Seems like she's not fan of marriages