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A pleasant moment of my busy day
A silent serene moment for yourself
A silent serene moment for yourself
Girls, have you heard those gossips?
Come to think of it, cleaning is some kind of meditation
Okay, so the map shows me how to get to this place in detail and the internet says that it doesn't exist
Yeah, noone didn't see it coming
Ready for the treasure hunting
A typical photo of a business forum ad
Girls, do you recognize this one?
When the news is good and you're listening to the other person getting all excited about it
Getting to know the latest news from friends
Me, appearing at the friend's house when they least expect it
Took off my pink glasses but keep seeing the world as a pretty nice place
Girls, have you heard what ahs happened?
At least this map won't die after a few hours of usage without recharging.. i hope
Trying to text something cute but not too cute because your stage of relationship is still unidentified
Young black short-haired woman in a checkered top and a skirt, posing against a plain peachy background
Oh my my my
I need some time to get over what i've heard, like a year or two
Seeing the bak account after shopping is tough
It gives me tips on how to take care of it.. bad tips, i must say
Here, take an ice cream. did i ask you whether you want it? right. now take it
Living in the 21st century means having to do half of your job through your mobile phone
Getting some unexpected news would be like...
Young asian woman sitting in front of laptop and doing online shopping
Guessing over what more should i order
Getting all work news from the colleague
But what if i make a smoothie out of it
Best buy of the month
My job here is done
When you're at work and trying to play it cool but the text is just so damn cute
I'm in the mood to spend some money
I'm in the mood to spend some money
These latest fashion trends are quite interesting
Okay, let's see what they wrote me while i was away
It's hard to believe to some things
I've bought everything i've needed, right?
And even though this map is of another city, once i figure out the pattern of its similarities with the city i am in-
Not sure what i want but i want it now
Just a few more days and the adventure starts!
Not the ones i actually wanted
We always have what to talk about
Looking at my crush when they don't see me
Wait a minute-
When you see old friends sitting in the cafe
When you hear the first sound of your favourite song and immediately start smiling unconsciously
Sharing gossips, rumours and just chatting
Happy tunes for happy mood
I took my sunglasses with me 'cause baby your smile is bright like a sun
This picture looks so vivid it makes me want to touch it
Well-dressed man and woman looking at each other isolated over black background
Well-dressed man and woman looking at each other isolated over black background
It's so hard not to give in
And suddenly every word they sing is about you
To write a positive message you need to feel the positive vibes yourself
That moment when you get hit by the existential crisis in the middle of folding your clothes
Can't not fall in love with fast online shopping
Guess, it's time to check bank account after i've done shopping
Pensive young indian woman touching chin with a head
Fruit-less breakfast is unhealthy and boring, take an avocado
I'm listening carefully, keep going~
No funny business