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Dreaming young woman
Dreaming young woman
Healthy Lifestyle
Stop eating this rubbish
Stop eating this rubbish
Sport makes me happy
Bold of you to assume that this bottle contains water
Now, when you've realised that playing with me is way harder than you imagined, who's next?
Say something about me and this ball is gonna fly right into your face
They were like "you consume too much liquid during the day" and i was like "waterver"
Come at me, bad physical shape i am ready to fight
When your favourite song starts playing and you imagine yourself in a music video, singing along with the band
Sport is life
Ready to play and win
Young plus size woman in a pink jumpsuit, posing with scales against a pastel yellow background
Music and sport make perfect morning
Ready to pursue my goal no matter what
The game is on
Making an effort and feeling your muscles work, isn't it the best thing in the world?
Sport exercises is essential part of morning routine
In a mood for some aesthetically pleasing drama
Don't you dare to interrupt my attempt to become a bodybuilder
'cause what workout it'd be without music?
Bringing arm power to top point
Young female in sport suit leaning her knee
Everyday workouts is one of the main sources of my good mood
Facing this day with smile
'cause what workout it'd be without music?
Guess, it's time to restore water balance
Young plus-size model in sportswear holding hand weights
Starting the day right
Who said fitness is for adults?
I am cosplaying as a goddess of fitness
Stop eating this rubbish
Stop eating this rubbish
Yes, i have a special playlist for drinking water during the morning run and you are not allowed to judge me
They see me sporting they hatin'
Ready for a nice workout
'cause doing sport is so much fun
Ready for the second set, baby?
I wear headphones so people wouldn't talk to me but i never turn on any music so i would be able to overhear their conversations
Does anyone know what to do with those things
Morning exercises for a good mood for the whole day
My level of friendliness for today is 100%
Wanna play the game?
Day starting with sport must be just great
Young plus-size model in sportswear drinking water
Exercising can be fun too!
These workouts never fail to give me positive emotions
Great mood on and let's start this day with sport
Focused on the success
Join us, son
Favorite song on and let's do some sport
Young plus-size model in sportswear holding hand weights
Young female with fitness tracker after workout
Young female hiding her face after workout
Oh hi, wanna join in?
Facing this day with smile
Sport is my greatest day starter
Should i continue doing exercises?
Sport keeps body and mood in shape
Dissatisfied young woman eating a red apple