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Obedience training
Obedience training
Faster, higher, stronger
Faster, higher, stronger
Feeling serious about this game
Everything is gonna be just great!
Sport is not an easy path to take
Not exactly doing sport but it's good too
We're gonna win, no doubts
Ready to get some serious fight today
Started this day from intensive workout
Ready to hit the score!
It's been a nice training today
Sport is fun, especially when i'm good at it
Teacher is not only a friend but also a demanding mentor
Throwing this ball like a champion
Playing and practicing for the game
Confident and ready to win
When your mom is a coach
When your mom is a coach
Pe teacher and pupil clapping hands together
Sometimes it's hard to get through to these youngsters
You know, i doesn't care
We're ready, organized and want to win
Slightly worn out after the practice
Games results can be frustrating
Teachers should set an example
We're ready, organized and want to win
It's gonna be just a great game, i'm sure
Ready to get some serious fight today
Trying my best to improve the technique
Talking about behaviour to the kids
Hard choice between sports and disco
So happy about successful game result
Even champions get tired
Practicing all these serves and receptions
Impressed with my new technique
Well, i've had some nice training
Enjoying and practicing at the same time
Feeling powerful and ready for the game
Weekend after hardworking days is coming
Raising future champions
Mature man in sportive wear holding towel on his shoulder
Had the best time during the game
Excited about basketball training
Coming closer to the victory
Enjoying my practicing time
Teacher gets mad with our laziness sometimes
We're about to work, not to sit on the bench
Well, let's try my efforts at this
All that training was worth it
Never-ever been more ready for the competition
Teachers can be funny and excited too
I don't understand what's happening
Putting all my efforts into basketball training
Supporting pupils is teacher's duty too
A fat man in sportswear holding a bottle of bear with evil grin
We're confident and ready to hit the score
It's gonna be just a great game, i'm sure
'cause doing sport is so much fun
Seems like teacher is not contented at all
Working on improvement of the things