Base Industry
Factory icon
Fork Lift icon
Fork Lift
Gear icon
Manufacturing icon
Power Plant icon
Power Plant
Electrical System
Capacitor Symbol icon
Capacitor Symbol
Fuse Symbol icon
Fuse Symbol
Ground Symbol icon
Ground Symbol
Circuit icon
Electronics icon
Processor icon
Food & Drink Industry
Moonshine Jug icon
Moonshine Jug
Gas & Oil Industry
Gas Industry icon
Gas Industry
Oil Industry icon
Oil Industry
Oil Platform icon
Oil Platform
Oil Pump icon
Oil Pump
Green Tech
Biotech icon
Eco Fuel icon
Eco Fuel
Greentech icon
Hydroelectric icon
Recycling icon
Solar Panel icon
Solar Panel
Sustainability icon
Wind Turbine icon
Wind Turbine
Hazard Symbols
Battery Charging Area icon
Battery Charging Area
Biological Hazard icon
Biological Hazard
Corrosive Substance icon
Corrosive Substance
Cutting Hazard icon
Cutting Hazard
Danger Of Crushing icon
Danger Of Crushing
Danger Of Death icon
Danger Of Death
Danger Of Suffocation Hazard icon
Danger Of Suffocation Hazard
Electrical Shock Hazard icon
Electrical Shock Hazard
Electricity Hazard icon
Electricity Hazard
Entrapment Hazard icon
Entrapment Hazard
Environmental Hazard icon
Environmental Hazard
Explosive Materials icon
Explosive Materials
Falling Objects Hazard icon
Falling Objects Hazard
Flammable Material icon
Flammable Material
Floor Level Obstacle icon
Floor Level Obstacle
Forklift Trucks icon
Forklift Trucks
Gas Cylinders Hazard icon
Gas Cylinders Hazard
General Warning Sign icon
General Warning Sign
Glass Hazard icon
Glass Hazard
High Temperature Hazard icon
High Temperature Hazard
Hot Surface icon
Hot Surface
Irritant icon
Laser Beam Hazard icon
Laser Beam Hazard
Low Temperature Hazard icon
Low Temperature Hazard
Magnetic Fields icon
Magnetic Fields
Non Ionizing Radiation icon
Non Ionizing Radiation
Optical Radiation icon
Optical Radiation
Overhead Load icon
Overhead Load
Oxidizing Substance icon
Oxidizing Substance
Radioactive Material icon
Radioactive Material
Rotating Blade Hazard icon
Rotating Blade Hazard
Rotating Parts Hazard icon
Rotating Parts Hazard
Slippery Floor Sign icon
Slippery Floor Sign
Toxic Material icon
Toxic Material
Warning Crushing Of Hands icon
Warning Crushing Of Hands
High Tech
Automatic icon
Automation icon
Bot icon
Broken Robot icon
Broken Robot
Engineering icon
Microscope icon
Robot icon
Robot 2 icon
Robot 2
Science Fiction icon
Science Fiction
Sensor icon
Industrial Machinery
Drilled Well icon
Drilled Well
Foundation Drilling Rig icon
Foundation Drilling Rig
Hand Dug Well icon
Hand Dug Well
Mine Cart icon
Mine Cart
Life Saving Rules
Bypassing Safety Control icon
Bypassing Safety Control
Confined Spaces icon
Confined Spaces
Do Not Smoke icon
Do Not Smoke
Driving Rules icon
Driving Rules
Energy Isolation icon
Energy Isolation
Gas Tests icon
Gas Tests
Journey Management Planning icon
Journey Management Planning
No Alcohol Or Drugs icon
No Alcohol Or Drugs
Seat Belt icon
Seat Belt
Suspended Loads icon
Suspended Loads
Work Authorisation icon
Work Authorisation
Working At Height icon
Working At Height
Mandatory Signs
Aisle Keep Clean icon
Aisle Keep Clean
Cylinders Chained icon
Cylinders Chained
Disconnect Before Repair icon
Disconnect Before Repair
Disconnect Main Plug icon
Disconnect Main Plug
Ear Protection icon
Ear Protection
Eye Protection icon
Eye Protection
Foot Protection icon
Foot Protection
Foot Wash icon
Foot Wash
General Mandatory Action icon
General Mandatory Action
Ground Terminal icon
Ground Terminal
Hair Protection icon
Hair Protection
Hand Protection icon
Hand Protection
Keep Clean icon
Keep Clean
Keep Locked icon
Keep Locked
Pedestrians icon

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