Calendar 23 蓝色图标 (PNG,矢量)

Icons8图标包Calendar 23 和其他61,700 个图标遵循了以下操作系统的视觉规则:Windows, iOS,Android KitKat 和 Material。高达100x100像素的PNG格式免费。图标可以PNG和矢量格式下载 (SVG, PDF, EPS, 和其他)。
It's a logo of a calendar page with two rings on top and then the page hanging down from them. There is a line across the top of the page and in the lower bigger section is the number "23".

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相关图标是有匹配标签的图标,以及所有 time and date图标。所有图标都是同样的扁平化风格。您可以下载免费PNG图标或购买 SVG 矢量图标