Free Icon Editor With 6200 Icons Icons8 Web App

This article explains how to use Icons8 Web App that delivers icons in any format, size and color, in 20 seconds.


  • 6200 icons
  • any colors
  • PNG files of any size

And it’s all is free and without registration.

How to Use

You can either search or browse for icons.


When searching, normally you get a bunch of search results due to the multiple tags added both by the team and voted by the community. Some of the results are precise, and some are weird:

fun icon for Android


There’s a list of categories on the right ranging from ecommerce to plants. That’s pretty straightforward.


You can download any icon in PNG format from 25×25 to 100×100 without registration. Select any icon and click download, the download will start immediately:


You can choose the size and the color on the toolbar:

Clicking  opens the custom size dialogue. Try something weird like 82×82 px,or try making an icon larger using our link above. You could practice with a desktop wallpaper, an air balloon, or Adrien Browdy’s nose.

HTML Codes

Right below the Download button, there’s a Generate HTML button. It generates HTML and CSS that you can insert into your page to quickly get the icon. No uploading needed: icons are either inserted in code (such as Base64 for PNG or three types of inserting an SVG), or hosted on their CDN.


The HTML codes for SVGs are of a great variety:

  • SVG tag
  • IMG tag with base64-encoded SVG
  • or CSS injection.


You can click icons one by one, then download them together or generate a font:

You can create multiple collections for different projects:

Icons8 promised to have the collection sharing feature soon, so you can pass the collection with your teammates or publicly publish it on the web.

Your Own Icons

You can upload your own icons by dragging them to the right pane or clicking the upload link:

This is useful when you need to create a font with your own icons. The icons are processed on the server if needed, merging the shapes into a single path — that’s required for generating fonts.

Paid Features

All the features are available for free; the only difference is the limitation on the formats:

If you upload your own icons, you can use the app totally free.

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