Update July 2014: with 3000+ icons, single font file is too big to use on the web, and probably anywhere else. So, we’ve developed a tool to generate font files from selected icons. Paid users can pick the icons and generate a font file in seconds.


On this page you have all icons as a font. Many thanks to Silviu Aarianfor compiling it.

This archive (1.1 Mb) contains:

Credits for this font file go to Silviu Aarian. Thank you, Silviu, our hero! Here we go with his release notes:

I used a gaming keyboard to preprogram the import macros, so you should see some gaps (3-10 empty spaces) between different glyph groups. This is normal. The grouping is far from perfect but it’s at least something.

There’s a  cool trick you should try:

  1. Install the font
  2. Open Illustrator, create a new document
  3. Go to menu Type > Glyphs
  4. Insert an icon (any)
  5. Before the icon press O or o (lowercase Oslo)
  6. Now any icon can become circled around the same way Windows 8 has toolbar items 😀


Sorry, we needed your attention. Please read the license below.



Although we create 3 new icons a day, the archive is not updated since October 18, 2012 (it’s all manual process, really time consuming and depressively boring). If you ever update the font file, please send us so we’ll publish it here.