Windows App

A new version of the Windows App is coming. Some things that have changed:

    1. New design
    2. Collections are now editable
    3. Sizes and collections are now much easier to work with. More default sizes to choose from, as well as custom export sizes…app screenshot 2

You can find a full list of changes as well as participate in the beta test here

Multiple Download Sizes

It happens to all of us. You wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly realize you need to download an EPS icon in multiple sizes.


Our customers requested this feature for a very long time. Dreams (at least some of them) do come true.

Smashing Magazine Freebie

We had a great time creating an exclusive Olympic sports pack for Smashing Magazine.  44 icons were created for different sports to prepare you for the Olympic games.


That’s it for now. Feel free to add comments on new features you’d like to see, as well as on the old ones you think are not working properly.

Icons8 team.