Mobile and Small Desktop Versions

After only a few hours of development, our website is more responsive than Jabba the Hut at an all-you-can-eat buffet.


Blog Redesign

Inspired by our recent redesign achievements, we’ve decided to redesign our blog as well (in case you haven’t noticed yet).


If you don’t like something tell us in the comments. But first, wait a month. Perhaps, it’ll grow on you.

We Are Getting Faster

In court:

The Programmers’ version:

  • API requests are now cached through a CDN
  • only false search inputs are auto-corrected now (isn’t that genius?)
  • dynamic category loading

Their legal team’s version:

Programmers did something.

Now you won’t have to wait 60 seconds for a cat icon to be found and you won’t be waiting until tomorrow for the User Interface category to be loaded.

Icon Chronicle

Icons are now dated.


If you don’t like our icons, at least now you can use our website as a calendar.

Next time we’ll tell you about some desktop app updates – oh, and don’t forget to celebrate our 30,000 icon milestone with us!

Icons8 team <3.