How to empower your storytelling with icons if you love pictures more than words

Don’t we know how powerful visual signs are? There’s the one to express all the variety of feelings. And among them, heart seems to be the most demanded and used – especially in February, the most romantic month of the year marked with St. Valentine’s Day. When love is in the air, here in Icons8, we witness the boom of popularity for heart and love icons of all kinds.

An image is worth a thousand words, huh? Today it inspired us to move a bit further and have a fun of telling you a story with a minimum of words and maximum of pictures. Let’s check if we’ll find enough icons to set the romantic mood and see where it takes people.


Note: all the icons used for the story can be found in the Icons8 website and app or in our freebies. As well as hundreds of others. Just check the links.


So, once upon a time, there was a cool guy who loved sports. His friends gave him a special gift – a ticket to Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Nothing could take his thoughts and feelings more until…


winter Olympics icon set


…he saw an amazing girl in the next row and his heart beat faster. He had never believed in love at first sight – so Cupid punished him well.

Their first date was full of shyness and fun so they both saw soulmates in each other.

After a while – how could it happen so fast? – they decided to get married!



Preparing the wedding, they understood why so many couples don’t complete this mission. Just sewing a dress was such a stress, let alone all the other stuff!


sewing icons set


Anyway, love won everything  – and soon they had their honeymoon by the sea.

Having come back, the new family started another mission – buying and decorating a home of their dreams…



… they also started buying more fruit and vegetables because….


… they were expecting a baby!

Could anyone believe that all this stuff may happen after just buying a ticket to sports competition?


See how easy it is to empower storytelling when you have a variety of images. Which ones would you choose for your own story? Check ours, there are thousands of them! We even offer you the reward for your creativity: show us your real or dreamed-out love stories compiled with our icons – the 2 most creative ones will win the year license to the full base of our icons in diverse formats (65K+, isn’t bad, huh?).

Moreover, the best stories will be published here on the blog with credits to their creators. Ping us here in comments, on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail us at till February 18, 2018.