This week we selected 6 articles about design for our readers. Find out how to make beautiful ultra-minimal websites, when not to use cards, the best way to do navigation on your website, methods of onboarding new users, and more.

The Job of a Web Designer is Changing (and That’s Good News)

Freelance web designers moan how hard it is to find work and how things are more complex than they used to be. Paul Boag, user experience consultant and expert in digital transformation, believes that if designers fail to adapt they may well become obsolete. To answer a question “How to adapt?” people must ask first how things are changing.

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The Beauty of Ultra-Minimal Web Design

One of the timeless web design trends is minimalism. But in more recent times we’ve seen the minimalist style evolve into a more extreme variant, something web designers are now calling ‘ultra-minimalism.’ Paul Andrew talks about beauty and difficulty of this style.


Hamburger Menus and Hidden Navigation Damage UX

Usability testing of hidden menus such as hamburger icons and visible menus such as links across the top of pages reveals that hidden navigation is less discoverable than visible or partially visible navigation. Check some tips for implementing navigation and a menu.


When Card UI Design Doesn’t Work

With the popular rise of Material Design, ‘cards’ have become a common part of modern web design. This works really well to offer a brief summary of an article, as well as making it obvious you can discover more information. However, when it comes to news, particularly on home and archive pages, this pattern might have been dramatically over used.


Designing Future-Proof UI

Christian Miller, designer and coder, shares his thoughts on why UI has a limited lifespan, and on potential measures we can take to ensure designs have longevity.


5 Delightful Ways to Onboard New Users

Christian Beck, Principal Design Partner at Innovatemap, writes about different kinds of onboarding. The term onboarding has become a bit of a catch-all term for generic user education, but it might be more appropriately deemed a first impression to introduce users to anything that is new and/or unknown. So there are several methods that you can use.