Why You Don’t Need to Design Like Apple

Beautiful, pristine, well-composed layouts don’t sell your product these days, a good long story does. By the way, can you guess who has a longer attention span, a human or a goldfish?

Designing User Expectations to Your Product’s Advantage

Every user has a set of expectations regarding your product (app, website, new feature, etc.) before they start using it. How do we go about setting, fulfilling, and managing them?

Visual Design Principles

Learn design from rubber ducks! They tell you all about “loud” and “quiet” colors, why you shouldn’t care about specific shades of color, and how to work with shapes and patterns. A part of “Design Fundamentals Volume 2” from the O’Reilly Design Library.
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Design Ping Pong

Every designer has at some point found themselves nudging elements around the screen for an hour, only to find themselves right back where they started. It can be a painful part of the design process. Find out how to turn this pain into… a game?

6 Ways to Tighten Up Your Designs

Ever struggle to get your work past the point of good and into great? This short but comprehensive video shows you how to tighten up your designs and refine your work.
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Need-to-Know UI Design Skills for Mobile Devices

This very practical guide focuses on making proper designs for small screens without losing functionality and usability. Don’t forget about multitouch interaction patterns.

Front End Development After Internet Explorer

A list of technologies that changed the web thanks to those of us who decided to drop support for “old IE” on their websites.

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