4 Ways I’ve Fucked Up as a Designer

App designer and illustrator tells how she ruined dating life of Indonesians, said goodbye to hamburger buttons, made 26 circles instead of a font, and turned herself into the client from hell.


UX Case Study: The World’s First Responsive Airline Website

A story of how small-company Work & Co helped to push Virgin America to a successful IPO and got awards for the first ever responsive airline website by collaborating with designers, developers, and clients, using an extremes-first approach and laser focus on designing for one high-value user scenario.


Accessible UI Components For The Web

To be accessible, UI components need to work across multiple devices and be usable by the broadest group of users, including those with disabilities. Is your UI component accessible? If not, how to make it one?

Using Animation to Enhance UX

Front-end specialist shares his experience on using animation to improve UX in a CRM system, talks about Benefits of each of three types of web animation and real world examples: educating users on why and how an outcome exists, mimicking a server-side process, playful errors, and so on.


The Perfect Design Tool

Tools are just tools. They can only help to do certain kinds of things, which is limiting in the long run. Can we imagine and design for the future without perfect tools?