The Ideal Design Workflow

A hilarious article on a serious subject. Of all the massive amounts of designer tools and apps, which ones really help?

How We Lost 47% of Our Users After a Redesign

There are loads of success stories on the net, but people only learn from mistakes. Learn a big lesson from our own fail!

Examples of Great Web Design Color Palettes with Hex Codes

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Mobile App UX Design: Making a Great First Impression

Become a little cute UX Cupid and make users fall in love with your app at first sight.

Common Mistakes in UX/UI

Did you know that 80% of testing information comes from only 5 users? Also featuring reading patterns, consistent button order, and other useful basics that we always seem to forget about.

What Is Zero UI? (and why is it crucial to the future of design?)

UX designers of the future will have to become experts in science, biology, and psychology. What will UI design look like after screens go away?

From Carpenter to Front End Developer in under 5 months

This is a first-hand story which describes the steps of learning, portfolio building, and finally getting a steady job. Bonus: a collection of books, podcasts, and online courses to get you started learning now