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Why User Testing Sucks

The article unveils the personal vision of the usability specialist on the drawback o...

Design, Icons, Tools, UX

Icons8 UX: Web App Redesign for the Sake of Usability

This article is a story behind the Icons8 redesign, our usability studies, iterations...

Design, Tools, UX

Usability Testing: Brief Review of Useful Software

Well-checked usability makes a solid foundation for a successful website or app. Chec...

Design, UX

Card Sorting in 2018: Explanation, Example, and Online Tools

For user testing, card sorting is a simple method of organizing any data. Unlike clas...

Design, UX

How I Was Studying 3 Buttons for 20 Hours

The article shares a case study by the usability specialist of Icons8 team sharing th...

Design, UX

Don’t Listen to Users and 4 Other Myths About Usability Testing

Check the insights from the extended practical experience of a usability specialist o...

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Mobile Form Usability

Mobile users have a particular goal but often the one thing that is standing between...

Design, How-To, UX

Actionable Tips for Creating Sign Up Forms That Don’t Confuse Your Users

We’ve been doing some experimenting and usability testing to try and find the best...

Design, UX

Drag and Drop vs. Click. Are They Rivals? Usability Studies Revealed

Drag and Drop vs. Click. How could two actions that are so different possibly be comp...

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