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“Aesthetic” App Icons to Customize Home Screen. Why “Aesthetic”?

Download the diversity of "aesthetic" app icons to customize the home screen of your...

How-To, Icons, UX

How to Customize App Icons on Your iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide

With iOS 14, iPhone users got the ability to customize widgets and icons on home scre...

Design, UX

How iOS Users Unleash Creativity with Custom Widgets on Home Screen

Apple allowed iOS users to customize widgets on their home screen - and it pushed all...

Icons, Tools, UX

Design Tools: 200 Free Animated Icons for Web and Mobile UI

The Icons8 team just released a pack of free animated icons in JSON for Lottie, GIF,...

Design, Icons, UX

UI Design: 14 IOS Icon Packs for Your App Design Project

The Icons8 collection reached the mark of 80 000 icons and iOS icons are among the mo...

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