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How Did Ancient Aztecs Draw Icons? One Mystic Story

A bit of design history and fun in the company of ancient civilizations and their app...

Design, Icons

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Compared With Modern Design Guidelines

Let's have some research and fun comparing ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to modern ico...

Design, UX

A Comprehensive Overview of Material Design

We gathered all of the information on material design in one place: check explanatio...

Design, How-To, Tools

How to Create a Seamless Background Pattern in Photoshop

Seamless patterns can be applied to any background you can imagine, from a website or...

How-To, Icons, Tools

Creating a Christmas Background Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

A simple tutorial on creating a lovely seamless pattern for Christmas projects

How-To, Icons, Tools

How to Use Vectors in Xcode 7

Learn how to use vector icons in XCode 7 with this simple tutorial.

Icons, Tools

Windows 10 Icon Font Is Broken, and We Fixed It!

We explain what's wrong with Windows 10 icons and suggest an alternative

Icons, Tools

Unofficial Style Guide to Windows 10 Icons

Microsoft introduced a new style with the icon font for the Windows 10 Preview. It’...

How-To, Icons

How to Convert Icons to a Web Font

This article describes how to create fonts from SVG icons with two tools of your choi...

Design, How-To, Icons, Tools

How to Recolor a PNG Icon in Photoshop

You need to take 9 steps to recolor a raster icon in Photoshop. Let's do it together...

Design, How-To, Icons

How to Color Vector Icons in Adobe Illustrator

We're going to show you how to recolor glyph icons to any color in Adobe Illustrator....

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