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How to Make Pixel Perfect Icons

Drawing an icon that delights the eye is not enough. Making the icon scalable, respon...

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Icon Editor: 9 Well Hidden Features of Icons8

Icons8 is full of features not all users know about. Working on the discoverability...


New icons styles, features, and old bugs! Fixed.

Check a bunch of updates, new styles for icons, features and fixed bugs in the Icons8 Mac app.

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New Icon Packs in 2017

Here we go with the new icon styles that we release in spring 2017: Gradient Line, Bl...

Design, Icons, UX

Secret Stories Behind Drawing Icons

Icon business is dead serious. There can’t be things like extra lines and every pix...

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Which Icons Fit Into Text Well?

Let's consider some of the most popular icon fonts

Design, Icons, UX

Icons in UI Design. Great Power of Small Details

Review the user interface design examples showing the big importance of small icons f...

Design, How-To, Icons, Tools, UX

How to Combine Icons from Different Sets in Your UI

There is no problem in finding icons, the variety is huge. With that, however, comes...

How-To, Icons, UX

How Do People Search Icons? Usability Study

Learn how people search icons, and have fun at the same time. That what our usability...

Design, How-To, Icons, UX

3 Simple Tips to Improve Your App Icon Design

Every app needs a beautiful and memorable icon that attracts attention and is helpful...

Design, How-To, Icons

How to Add Icons to Your Email Signature

Learn how to add icons to your email signature: it's easier than you think

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Anti-Trump Icon Becomes More Popular Than the Trump One

Quick research on user behavior on Trump icons in our icons library

Design, Icons, UX

Visual Perception: Icons vs Copy in UI

Our eyes are a powerful instrument of getting information in split seconds. What is m...

Design, How-To, Icons, UX

Tips for Using Icons in Your App

In this article, let's summarize the main problems associated with the icons in UI an...

Design, Icons, Tools

Essential Guide to Inserting Social Media Icons Into Everything

In this guide you'll find free downloads of social media icons in various styles and...

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