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Handy Tips on Productivity in Terms of Remote Work

Many employees working remotely face a challenge of staying productive out of the off...

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How to Expand Globally as a Freelance Designer

One of the best things about working as a freelance designer is that you can work fro...

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10 Types of Toxic Users and Antidotes to Deal with Them

In this article, we introduce the ten most common types of "toxic" users or clients a...

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Design Career: Benefits and Pitfalls of Being a Freelance Designer

The article covers core benefits and pitfalls for the case if you have decided to be...


From Home to Office: Defying the Remote Work Trend

It seems like remote work is not a final destination. While it offers an array of ben...

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Make Money Submitting Images to Stock Photo Sites

Making passive income with freelance photography jobs? Totally possible. Follow these...

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Freelance Marketplaces – How to Choose Them and How to Easily Collect Your Hard-Earned Cash

The article covers the interesting issue for freelances: learn about various freelanc...

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Upwork and the Dictatorship of Online Marketplaces

Upwork is not the only autocracy that oppresses the poor and weak, but it’s the one...

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