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Introduction To Retro Design: Chip Off the Old Block

The article shares insights into the retro design and the best ways to incorporate re...


Graphic Design: Posters. History, Types and Design Tips

The article dives into the origins and history of posters, their functions and goals,...


From Great Collections to Collection of Everything: a Brief History of Stock Photography

Back in the early XX century, the first stock photo companies founded to save money...

Design, UX

Flat Design Trend: What Did It Bring to Us?

The article presents the opinion about the influence of flat design on user experience

Design, Icons

How Did Ancient Aztecs Draw Icons? One Mystic Story

A bit of design history and fun in the company of ancient civilizations and their app...

Design, Icons

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Compared With Modern Design Guidelines

Let's have some research and fun comparing ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to modern ico...

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